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Flash is an authoring tool that allows you to create anything from a simple animation to a complex interactive web application, such as an online store. You can make your Flash applications media rich by adding pictures, sound, and video. Flash includes many features that make it powerful but easy to use, such as drag-and-drop user interface components, built-in behaviors that add Action Script to your document, and special effects that you can add to objects. When you author in Flash you work in a Flash document, a file that, when saved, has the file extension .fla. When you are ready to deploy your Flash content, you publish it, creating a file with the extension .swf. The Flash Player, described in the next section, runs the SWF file.

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Flash action script 3.0 pdf:

The ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook is written with all levels of ActionScript developers in mindpeople like you who want practical solutions to common problems. Keep this book next to your computer to tackle programming challenges. It is filled with exciting yet accessible and practical examples, solutions, and insights into the situations that Flash and ActionScript developers are sure to encounter.
The book is in the style of the classic book series format, in which each recipe presents the problem, the solution, and a discussion of the solution. You can quickly locate the recipe that most closely matches your situation and get the solution without having to read the whole book to understand the underlying code. The Discussion sections of each recipe offer a deeper analysis of how the solution works and possible design choices and ramifications. So you get the best of both worldsquick and easy access to the answers you want and deeper insights into the nature of both the problem and the solution. The ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook helps you develop your understanding of concepts by applying them in real situations.

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Flash Game Development pdf:

Game Development with ActionScript is the concise book of choice for learning how to program your own games in Flash from scratch!. Assuming no previous programming knowledge, the average aspiring programmer will learn how to create and design his own programs in a matter of pages.. Clear and concise text introduces concepts through numerous demos throughout the book. Hands-on exercises reinforce these concepts giving the reader a solid foundation of skills. Q&As at the end of each chapter assure that no gaps in knowledge are left unfilled.
  • This book is a companion to Macromedia Flash  Game Programming. It is targeted at the beginner-intermediate user; the Flash  book is for intermediate-advanced user.
  • Focuses more on artistic game design and programming; the Flash book is heavier on the programming side.
  • Requires no prior programming knowledge and no prior Flash knowledge.

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Flash Media Server 3:

Recording and playing back streaming audio and video in VP6 and H.264 formats

Using the new Flash Media Encoder to stream and record video

Camera and microphone settings

Non-persistent client-side remote shared objects

Two-way audio-video communications

Broadcasting and server-side bandwidth control

Working with server-side files: the file class

Server-side shared object

Server-side streams

Setting up a software load handler using FMS3's new server-side


Bringing in data and working with configuration files


Flash Lite 4:

Flash Lite 4 is based on Flash Player 10. It offers features to improve the web browsing experience for users of mobile devices. Many of these features were present in Flash Player 9 but not supported in Flash Lite; they are now supported in Flash Lite 4. Flash Lite 4 introduces the ability to play back Adobe® ActionScript™ 3.0 content when encountered on Flash 10 websites. Flash Lite 4 also supports the processing and playback of ActionScript 3.0

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Javascript Flash communication:

You can think of the Flash/JavaScript as a two-way street: Flash can talk to JavaScript and JavaScript can talk to Flash. If you want an event from the html (say, when the user clicks a traditional hyperlink) to cause your Flash movie to change you'll be going from JavaScript to Flash. If, on the other hand, you want an event in the Flash movie to cause JavaScript to perform some task you're going from Flash to JavaScript. Consider this origin and destination relationship even when one side (JavaScript of Flash) is requesting information back from the other side. That is, you'll always begin in either JavaScript or Flash and trigger the other.

Flash javascript communication pdf

Flash CS5 Components Tutorial Pdf:

Adobe® Flash® CS5 Professional is the standard authoring tool for producing high-impact web experiences. Components are the building blocks for the rich Internet applications that provide these experiences. A component is a movie clip with parameters that allow you to customize the component either during authoring in Flash or at run time with ActionScript™ methods, properties, and events. Components are designed to allow developers to reuse and share code, and to encapsulate complex functionality that designers can use and customize without using ActionScript.

Components allow you to easily and quickly build robust applications with a consistent appearance and behavior. This manual describes how to build applications with ActionScript 3.0 components. The ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference describes each component’s application programming interface (API).

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